AtmosAir EA CleanFlow™

How Does AtmosAir EA CleanFlow™ Work?

Your AtmosAir EA CleanFlow™ positive pressure fresh air machine works in a passive and active mode. The system draws in outdoor air, filters out ~99.99% of PM2.5 and chemical contaminants. This perfectly clean air is then passed over the dielectric barrier (bi-polar ion tube) which produces positively and negatively charged air ions. The positively and negatively charged ions generated by the AtmosAir system mimic the process that occurs in nature. In the active mode the negatively and positively charged air ions actively attract, bind, and neutralize all types of pollutants from the air throughout your home. AtmosAir Bi-Polar Ion (BPI) systems are designed to restore air ion levels to a natural state where no pollution exists. This new fresh, healthy, great air displaces the old stale indoor air, creating positive pressure within the home, similar to how blowing air into a balloon creates expansive positive pressure within the balloon. The positive pressure complimented with the AtmosAir technology slowly and constantly flushes out CO2 and harmful indoor air chemicals such as formaldehyde and TVOC. The positive pressure unit also halts any leakage of outdoor PM2.5 into the home. The result is a constantly fresh home without any pollution leaks AND without stale toxic indoor air.